About ZM

The team at Zecker McDecker LLC are a highly capable and specialized team who all have over 14 years of experience in designing, delivering, managing, maintaining, and securing technology assets.

and migrating to cloud, hybrid and on premises solutions. We pride ourselves in having all come from delivery and support backgrounds from where we understand the importance of delivering high quality services and solutions that are simple to manage and maintain and providing the best experience for both the business and the end user.

We have agile teams of experienced resources whose skills complement one another resulting in a highly effective and capable design and delivery team. The teams are dedicated to customer deliverables and able to assist in each other’s workflows, helping ensure milestones and their associated projects are delivered on time.

We run internal design review and assurance throughout the engagement to ensure all members follow the same principles to deliver a cohesive solution. We have a wealth of experience in the delivery of solutions within the private, public, and academic sectors.

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